King Louis XV & Madam Pompadour Book Ends

King Louis XV & Madam Pompadour Book Ends

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Porcelain King Louis XV & Madam Pompadour Book Ends are in nature one-of-a-kind.  These porcelain items can no longer be found for Stella to paint and bring to life. Historic and magestic - this pair will hold the ends of your library or office books and are sure to be treasured pieces. 


The details on the couples faces, clothing and chairs are nothing short of mesmirizing.  24-carat gold lines the Aubuchon inspired carpet with embossed fleur de leis wallpaper, enhancing this set from historical to royal.



    Dimensions: 6.5" tall x 4.5" wide x 5.5" depth

    Weight: 1.3 pounds each (approx. 2.6 pounds total)


    All of Stella's pieces are one of kind and original work - never copied, never repeated. Due to the nature of the art, refunds and returns are not available.  All shipments will be insured and tracked.


    Shipping will vary based on destination and weight.



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